Education is the key to a prosperous life in all aspects. It is equally important to stay current with the latest information. When it comes to trading, regular updates and education supported by experienced traders are essential if you want to increase your success over the years.

Constantly educating yourself will help you become a better trader. It will force you to make smart decisions that can help you increase profitability. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a trading rookie or already have years of experience.

The best part about developing as a successful day trader is you don’t have to spend a lot of time in college or school. We have compiled a list of the best day trading courses below. In our selection you will find our favorite courses on strategies and trading styles.

  1. Black Box Stocks
  2. Weekly Money Multiplier
  3. Warrior Trading
  4. Trade Ideas
  5. TopstepTrader

1. Black Box Stocks

Black Box Stocks is a community where people connect on the platform The day traders are also connected via a trading room on Discord and a private Twitter group. Black Box Stocks has reliable customer support and hosts their servers near Wall Street.

If you want to participate in the live Boot Camp, which takes place several times per week, you need to be a member of the program. As a registered member, go to the support tab in the members area. On the calendar, you can choose the date you want to participate.

Teresa will be your instructor in the course. She is an experienced and passionate trader who learned day trading on Black Box Stocks herself and now she helps new traders to become successful. At you will learn how to day trade stocks as well as options.

In the Bootcamp you will

  • Learn how to trade stocks
  • Learn how to trade options
  • Get a Black Box System tutorial


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  • Education in stocks- & option trading
  • Free access to the platform, a private Twitter group and Discord chat
  • Learn day trading techniques, get stock picks and chat room access
  • Subscription on a monthly basis available
  • Subscribers get free Bootcamp


  • Trades are currently posted in three different locations

2. Weekly Money Multiplier

When speaking of options trading education, Nathan Bear from Weekly Money Multiplier is one of the best experts and teachers. The Weekly Money Multiplier subscription offers one of the most extensive options trading research and education platforms available. The course is mostly live and the education sessions are additionally recorded. Detailed status updates are explained via frequent emails. Day trading options is part of Nathan’s trading plan, but he doesn’t trade stocks.

Weekly Money Multiplier also offers real-time screen sharing, similar to Warrior Trading. As a subscriber you are able to see Nathan’s trading account and get a look at the options he holds. All that in real-time. You will also receive trading alerts via email, SMS and desktop notifications.

The remarkable thing about Nathan is that he uses only one single trading strategy, which he applies very successfully on full swing trading and day trading with options. The setup and management of his TPS core strategy is amazing and offers a great alternative to trading with penny stocks. For many people, learning day trading could be quite challenging, but Nathan Bear makes it a very pleasant and understandable experience. In his course, you will learn everything you need to know along with professional insights about market behaviour and price action.

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  • Amazingly extensive educational material
  • Day trading possible thanks to TPS work frame for any time frame
  • Learn from a real money trader and one of the best coaches
  • High focus on trading with options
  • Practical for beginners, screen shares and video lessons in library


  • The central focus of the program is not on day trading stocks

3. Warrior Trading

When it comes to active day trading, Warrior Trading is a top choice because you will also acquire a practical education. You will learn pertinent information every day from the founder of Warrior Trading, Ross Cameron. The package includes free YouTube videos, detailed educational video tutorials and of course, live trading. You will see and learn how Ross implies momentum trading at an expert level.

In the Warrior Starter package you will find 15 well-diversified units. They will help you form a rock-solid foundation of day trading knowledge, which is essential for anyone who wants to be successful. In my opinion, Ross Cameron offers one of the best day trading courses available. I have been using the course myself and I love that he keeps updating and improving it on a regular basis.

The numerous free YouTube video recaps and blogs on are the perfect addition to your educational program. For those who want to improve their strong skills, Warrior Trading also offers the pro-course “Warrior Pro,” a trading simulator and group mentoring program.

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  • Ross is a legit trader and you can watch him trade every day
  • You can check your account statements on
  • Subscribers see real-time trades on Ross’ trading account
  • One of the best and most extensive day trading courses
  • Get a 50% discount to Warrior Starter with access to the chat room and level II trading software


  • Main focus is on trading small-cap stocks

4. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas operates on algorithms derived from artificial intelligence. The Trade Ideas stock screener is the main focus here but there are other free tools available. One notable part is the chat room, which can be very helpful when it comes to day trading courses and learning. The main moderator in this chat room is Barrie Einarson who streams the platform all day long for free.

You will not be able to see Barrie’s live trading account, but you can learn how to become a day trader by watching his stock screener. Because day trading happens so fast, you will not be able to get the exact same trade executions that Barrie does. However, you can use Trade Ideas to easily automate your trading. You could also use one of the many pre-configured trade-alert streams or create your individual market scans and become a market scanning expert. And there is no charge for any of this.

This tool is truly amazing and could potentially award you the trophy for excellence in market scanning or automated trading. Or maybe both! Watching Barrie do his trades live in the trading room is worth more than the price of admission.

The trading strategies that Barrie uses are based on technical analysis. He closely observes the market behavior which helps him to make decisions on a daily basis. The principal patterns he trades are applied within the Trade Ideas A.I. pro platform.

Join the chat room for free by clicking here, or click here to get a discount up to 25% for your subscription


  • Use for free
  • Well-experienced trader
  • Courses also for free via webinar
  • Fantastic performance with recommendations
  • Trading methods are beginner friendly


  • Only Barries voice and stock screener visible

5. TopstepTrader

We also must also mention TopstepTrader. Compared to the other courses above, which are about day trading with options or trading stocks, Topstep Trader will teach you how to day trade futures. It is not exactly a day trading course, but you will be able to enjoy a large selection of free educational material. There is also a Podcast you can listen to. TopstepTrader is surely the right choice if you want to learn how to trade futures.

TopstepTrader also offers a funded program to subscribers. With a small monthly fee you will get the chance to participate in a trading challenge. When you trade according to the rules and your account grows to a specific target level, TopstepTrader provides a completely funded trading account. The funds in this account are between $25,000 and $150,000.

Traders can withdraw up to 80% of their generated profits within the funded trading account and put it in their cash account.

Special offer: Get a discount of 20% on all plans. You will be able to redeem your discount at the checkout before completing your payment.


  • Limited risk by small monthly fee
  • Clear rules
  • Accounts in different sizes available
  • 1,764 trading accounts funded in 2019
  • Demo account with free access


  • Trading courses only pertain to trading futures


Before you begin day trading with real money, it is very important to understand how the process works and to learn the fundamentals. A good day trading course or live trading experience can help you gain a better understanding. One crucial part is the technical analysis. Many of the programs mentioned also include live trading and some of the coaches even share their trading account with the subscribers in real-time.

Before picking a course, you might want to ask yourself some questions which will help you pick the right one.

How do you want to learn?

  • By watching other people doing live trades
  • Watching recorded videos
  • Through live teaching sessions
  • What are you interested in day trading?
    • Futures
    • Stocks
    • Options

If you can answer all of these questions astutely, the more likely you are to only need one course. But everything has a limit. There are programs on the internet that will charge you $10,000 or even $50,000 for a trading course. They try to justify themselves by saying that good education has its price. You should be wary of these programs, especially when they come without a money-back guarantee. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Would you prefer to pay $50,000 for a course where you don’t know what to expect or would you rather spend less than $100 per month? Even if you decide to take all the courses we listed, you would still pay less than $1,000 if you went for the shortest subscription period.

  • In some programs you will even get free training via webinar or chat. Choose the option you feel the most comfortable with. It’s time to start earning!! Go and pick the right course and get ready for your day trading career.
  • As you can see in this list of the best day trading courses, you don’t need to spend a fortune if you want to learn day trading with a solid foundation and extensive programs. Most of the above mentioned courses ask for less than $100 per month.
  • And last but not least you should ask yourself, what is the value of having a good education?

Best Day Trading Courses Questions and Answers

  1. How much can you make day trading?
  2. How do I become a day trader?
  3. What should I learn before day trading?
  4. What is the best day trading system?
  5. What market environment is best for day trading?

How much can you make day trading?

A successful day trader can make decent money and earn a satisfying income on a daily basis. All trading days can typically be closed with 60% to 70% profits. With a good risk reward ratio you can make sure to keep your overall profit high.

How do I become a day trader?

Before you start with real trading, it is important to start your online education to get the right information and mindset before investing money. Free trading or trading on paper can be a great beginning. When you finally start day trading with real money, it is important to use small amounts.

What should I learn before day trading?

Learn how to read and analyse chart patterns. Attending training classes will also help you.. And practice using the trading tools. If you want to become a good day trader, it is also important to prepare a watch list for every trading day.

What is the best day trading system?

Educational programs and schools can help establish a smart trading plan. Trade alerts are very important as they are based on fundamental and technical aspects. Together with news catalysts you will have a great trading system.

What market environment is best for day trading?

The best conditions for day trading are volatile markets. With a high liquidity of the underlying stock you will have a lower spread between Bid and Ask. This generates a better trade execution and profitability.