Funded trader programs allow earning a significant amount of capital doing something you like while at the same time not speculating with your money. Many trading providers offer training, webinars, or chat rooms to assist you in getting started. That’s all fine and good. But you’re left on your own when you need help the most.

With a funded account, you get direction and mentorship every step of the way. That’s because they risk their own money. Providers ensure you have the abilities and spirit needed before leading you into the trading arena. When trading with proprietary firms, you get access to institutional-grade trading software tools used by the best traders on Wall Street. If this is what you’re looking for, then we’ve got you covered. We have the best funded trader programs available today.

  1. TopstepTrader
  2. TopstepFX
  3. Earn2Trade
  4. One Up Trader
  5. Maverick Trading
  6. Try Day Trading
  7. Tradenet

1. TopstepTrader

TopstepTrader has the reputation that many traders trust since they fund thousands of traders each year.

To join their funded account program, you first need to make it through the Trading Combine. Here, you begin with a real-time simulated futures account and $30,000 to $150,000 of paper money to test if you’re ready for the challenge.

You graduate if:

  • You can make profits and handle drawdowns.
  • You show constant profitability and manage risk during the challenge.
  • Finish steps 1 and 2 in at least 15 days.

Other obligations include:

  • You reach your accounts profit targets.
  • You only trade allowed products during allowed times.
  • You do not hit or surpass the everyday loss limit.
  • You do not hold positions into economic releases.
  • You follow TopstepTraders’ so-called scaling plan.

So let’s suppose you have what it needs.

Once you finish the Trading Combine, you join the funded trader Program.

Here, the TopstepTrader team designates capital to your account and lets you trade in real-time without personal risk.

So what happens when you begin trading?

  • You retain your first $5,000 in profits and 80% after that.
  • You can increase your asset-base to include trading EUREX assets.
  • You can withdraw your gains, and there is no wire charge for withdrawals over $500
  • Your trades are executed with zero commissions and zero clearing fees if using the inhouse solution TSTrader.

Available discounts:

  • 20% futures trading combine discount
  • 20% swing trading combine discount

Proof that the discount works (on any product you chose):

2. TopstepFX

Currency traders, this one is for you.

As the currency unit of TopstepTrader, TopstepFX funded accounts have eligibility requirements similarly.

First, you need to finish the Trading Combine, and show you can utilize TopTrader’s software, perform a winning strategy, also manage risk at the same time.

It’s a crucial step to ensure that TopTrader’s money is secure in your hands.

Once you begin trading, you keep your initial $5,000 in gains and bring home 80% of them after that. You can also withdraw your gains at any time, and there is no withdrawals fee for amounts above $500

Now, what divides TopstepFX from TopstepTrader?

TopstepFX funded trading account gives you a buying power of up to $500,000.

And how is this accomplished?

Said in one word: leverage.

Currency trading comes along with leverage ratios as high as 100:1. With that, the company only needs $5,000 in funds for the first setup.

Compared to TopstepTrader, the high leverage with TopstepFX is riskier. However, as we mentioned, you do not trade with your money.

With TopstepFX funding the positions, you can forever trade risk-free without worrying about yours.

Keep in mind that you do need to demonstrate your skills. However, if you’re a successful currency trader that lacks the capital to make significant moves, the TopstepFX funded trader program may be something you’re looking for.

Available discounts:

  • 20% TopstepFX discount

3. Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade proposes two separate funded trading programs. The Gauntlet Program and one Gauntlet Mini Program.

The popular Gauntlet program focuses on trading the Futures market, where you maintain a $25,000 virtual account for 60 days. Throughout this time, you have to trade on 30 calendar days and also once in a week. Your objective is to strike the 10% profit mark and never hit the 10% drawdown limit.

Successful applicants receive a guaranteed funding proposal from their proprietary partner Helios.

The new Gauntlet Mini is way better and a program similar to TopstepTrader and OneUp Trader. You pay a small fee as long as you stay in the challenge. During the challenge, you need to trade according to the rules. Webinars, trading lessons, and access to the Journalytix tool are included in the monthly costs.

After fulfillment, you get an offer for a funded trading account. Both plans have an 80%/20% profit split, where you own 80% of profits made.

Available discounts:

  • 20% Earn2Trade discount

4. OneUp Trader

Whether if you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader, OnUp Trader offers a program where you can prove your skills and make remarkable money along the process.

There are two things to get started:

  • Prove skills
  • Get funded

The evaluation process starts with OneUp’s Trading Evaluation program. The company puts you through a real-time trading simulator where you can trade, measure, track, and prove your abilities.

Once you finish it, you get introduced to OneUp’s prop partners. The first $8,000 in profits is entirely yours. Yo also kee 80% of all winnings after that.

Again, all this without risk since you trade their money and not yours.

What are the main benefits?

  • Choose between funding options from $25,000 and $250,000
  • Uncomplicated funding goals without hidden fees
  • Trade from home, on a side during your full-time-job, or in a coffee shop
  • Advanced data and analysis tools that help you be more successful
  • Collaborate and share ideas with the One-up Trader community
  • Full clearness and regarding all services and requirements

We suggest commencing with the free trial OneUpTrader provides. The OneUp Trader Review covers everything about the funded account.

There are more than the few funded trader programs mentioned above, but there is one problem. Only a few mentioned above provide the opportunity to join the challenge for about $100. Other programs like the said blow charge $2,000, $8,000, and some even over $15,000.

Finally, let’s mention the other services available.

5. Maverick Trading

As one of the best proprietary trading companies out there, Maverick Trading grants the opportunity to learn from its specialists and to join the company as a full-time trader.

Specializing in options and for options and forex, the organization offers assistance, technology, and training to help you on your way.

So how do you get funded?

  • Submit your request
  • Develop your skills utilizing Maverick’s trading simulators, tests, and strategy programs
  • Demonstrate your expertise by convincing you can realize the trading plan, control risk and generate profits
  • Get a funded account where you take 70-80% of your profits and get rewarded every month.

Maverick Trading promotes variety, honor, and transparency.

Before officially entering the program, the team will outline all expectations as well as address the inherent risks of trading.

However, in this program, you have to bring in $6,000 of your own capital as risk capital.

6. Try Day Trading

Trydaytrading can require more than $15,000 to get started.

When you start the Try Day Trading funded trader program, the team behind it begins by outlining two significant ways to reduce risk:

  • They designate a professional trading mentor that guides you on how to trade.
  • They give access to Try Day Trading’s exclusive leading indicator software.

While working with their trading mentor, you learn in a one-on-one setting. You receive special education and mentorship to help you bypass the mistakes of less-experienced traders.

Providing access to indicators and stock screening software may help you plan the most suitable times to enter or exit a position.

They offer a 30-day trial. But the 30-day trial needs you to pay more than $400. A substantial amount for a trial period! And exceeding $15,000 for their primary service is way too expensive. Instead, for that money, you could use TopstepTrader’s futures or forex trading combine about 150 times!

7. Tradenet

Now when it comes to the European region CFD trading, then Tradenet wants to set the bar. But not only in a positive sense.

With four opportunities to pick from, you can select which Tradenet funded trader program is best for you.

Options include:

  • Intro Program for $500
  • Student Program for $3,000
  • Expert Program for $6,000
  • Pro Program for $9,000

You get the point; the prices are incredibly high compared to what you get. While the top four programs in this post cost about $100 on the lowest tier, Tradenet charges you $9,000 and even more.

The exciting thing about Tradenet is they present options for traders of all experience and income levels.

More importantly, they have a solid reputation in Europe and a team of experienced traders. Led by Meir Barak, the site declares that it has trained over 30,000 followers worldwide on how to become a better trader.

All of the funded account plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. However, their money-back guarantee is not a real money-back guarantee, and various requirements are attached to the offer.

Tradenet’s costs feel too high compared to the contenders mentioned in this best funded trader program comparison.

Keep in mind that Tradenet doesn’t provide the funded accounts themself. Instead, they connect you with investment firms once you purchased one of their educational packages.

Funded Trader Program Summary

Funded trader programs have a plethora of benefits. All providers offer outstanding service and can be a great supplement to a trading toolkit.

Whether it’s access to exceptional software or the concept of using someone else’s money to trade – funded accounts guarantee a risk-free way to make money.

Admitting their own money is at stake, all providers will do everything in their control to ensure you succeed. They don’t want you to reduce their bankroll, right?

So what this implies for you is:

  • more excellent guidance,
  • mentorship and
  • coaching opposed to other services in the trading industry.

When competing in the field, you are always surrounded by other advanced traders. This will help you improve your abilities and have you getting more qualified in no time.

When choosing between the alternatives above, you really can’t go wrong with most of them.

TopstepTrader is the business leader and gets our highest rating, followed by Earn2Trade, TopstepFX, and OneUp-Trader.

Maverick Trading, Tradenet, and Try Day Trading are established businesses too, but paying between 2,000 and $16,000 to join their programs seems to be too expensive.

If you are searching solely for a funded trader account, then TopstepTrader and Earn2Trade are the best opportunities. If you mainly need trading education, then you should consider reading the blog posts the best day trading course and the best options trading course.

Best Funded Trader Programs Questions and Answers

  1. How do traders get funded?
  2. What is a funded trader?
  3. What is a trading combine?
  4. When do traders get funded?
  5. How much does a funded trader program cost?

How do traders get funded?

Traders get funded in three simple steps. First, they need to prove that they can trade using the trade simulator. Then traders need to archive the profit target. Finally, when everything was done according to the rules, the trader will get funded.

What is a funded trader?

A funded trader is an investor who trades the capital of a proprietary trading company. The best funded trader programs allow joining the program without a fixed entry fee.

What is a trading combine?

A trading combine is a term and trademark from TopstepTrader and reflects the tournament with the funded trading account as the goal to archive.

When do traders get funded?

Traders get funded once they archived the goal of the program. Then they need to sign a contract with the prop-firm to start trading the prop-firms money.

How much does a funded trader program cost?

A funded trader program starts as low as $90 per month. The fee applies as long the trader aims to archive the goal. Once the trader is funded, most programs waive the fee.