What options trading course is currently the best on the market? In this article, I will list my top 5 favorite options trading courses that are available at the moment. In these courses you can learn how to trade options with very well-explained options strategies, follow live-trading events and get access to an online trading room.

I have complete access to all of the top 5 courses and I will give you very helpful insights and perspectives. I have included only the best courses that offer outstanding strategies and remarkable trading results in the past.

If you are more interested in stock trading courses, then I recommend you read my article about the best trading courses. For those who are looking for the best day trading courses, the article about the best day trading courses is the perfect choice.

Now, let’s get to it: the top five best courses for options trading.

  1. Weekly Money Multiplier
  2. Dollar Ace
  3. Black Box Stocks
  4. OptionsGeek
  5. Weekly Windfalls

1. Weekly Money Multiplier

One of the best coaches for options trading is Nathan Bear. He can help you gain a foothold in the strategies of low-risk options trading.

Nathan provides live lessons and also answers his subscribers questions.

Moreover, you will have access to hundreds of video tutorials, explainer videos and many more educational lessons.

A few years ago, Nathan became the new leader of the Weekly Money Multiplier Service. He won one of the Millionaire Roadmap challenges and followed Jeff Bishop as the new leader. Nathan uses a strategy called TPS Method. It is based on a technical analysis and in the course, you will easily understand this strategy. You can follow his trades in real-time, as Nathan shares his trading screen with his subscribers.

The trading platforms he uses are TD Ameritrade and the stock screener Finviz. They are available to most traders in the world, which makes it very easy for subscribers to copy Nathan’s approach directly. Another advantage of the program is that Nathan only trades large-cap stocks options. That makes the replication of his trades much easier than it would be with penny stocks options.


  • Live educational events every week
  • Hundreds of video tutorials
  • Every morning in-depth analysis of positions and briefing
  • Options trading strategies with low risk
  • Nathan’s favorite setup applied to all time-frames
  • Follow live trading with Nathan on his shared screen


  • Annoying automated advertising emails, unless turned off in the dashboard


  • Quarterly subscribers get 67% off
  • Yearly subscribers get 70% off

2. Dollar Ace

If you are up for something more unique, then you will find Dollar Ace with Kyle Dennis very interesting. Together with his team he developed an options scanner that screens unusual options trading activities. With the scanner running all day, Kyle is able to find the options that offer the most success.

Dollar Ace applies strategies with low-risk, just as Weekly Money Multiplier and Optionsgeek do. Moreover, Dollar Ace also trades long calls and puts. Kyle never sells options for the received premium. This would be considered high risk. Instead, he aims for options that are worth less than $1 the moment he buys them. With each trade, Kyle aims for 3-figure profits, which would give him a risk-reward ratio of 1:1 or sometimes better.

Kyle’s strategy is a little bit riskier than Nathan Bear’s or Felix Frey’s, even if it seems quite similar.

One reason is his limitation on the price per option. Another reason is that he trades short-dated weekly options. These are based on a low-float stock or penny stocks and are therefore traded thinly.

When short-dated weekly options are traded and the options close before their expiration, an IV Crush can happen.

Sometimes it is difficult to copy Kyle’s trades and execute them for the same price.

The benefit though is that Kyle sends out daily watchlists before the markets open and shares his screen so that subscribers can follow his strategy.

Sure, the applied strategy is a bit higher than the others, but at least he is transparent. It is important to mention that when subscribing the main focus should be the course and the information itself, rather than the live trading.

Compared to other courses, such as Optionsgeek or Weekly Money Multiplier, Kyle has unfortunately less extensive educational material.

If you want more in-depth information and insights, you can read my review about Dollar Ace and their services.


  • Risk per option $1 or less
  • Lifetime access subscribers can use Kyle’s scanner
  • Traded options are only long calls and long puts
  • Subscribers can follow strategies by watching Kyle’s shared screen
  • Subscribers receive option trade alerts
  • Subscribers can now access to the scanner via live-stream


  • Education on options trading is not the main focus


  • 67% discount on Dollar Ace available here

3. Black Box Stocks

The trading service Black Box Stocks offers way more than just the possibility to trade options. In their program, Black Box Stocks provides a market scanner that allows you to follow market movements and real-time analysis.

Moreover, the scanner detects momentum plays on the stock market and the options market. Because of this screening, the scanner is able to see unusual option activities. As a subscriber, you have access to the online platform, the private Twitter group and also to the Discord channel.

Subscribers receive a full range of activities to learn about options trading. You can follow trader experts executing their live-trades, you can also chat with other traders and learn more about trading by using their market scanner. Black Box is a program that has been growing steadily over the past years.

Members get free classes with in-depth information about:

  • Stock trading basics
  • Options trading basics
  • How to trade by using blackboxstocks

Subscribers and new traders can learn all of this during a 3-hour BlackBox Bootcamp through a live webinar. This Bootcamp with detailed education is offered twice a week on their website. In my review about Black Box Stocks you can read all the details of the course. I also describe the access to the trading room and the strategies.


  • Notable combinations of options scanner, stock screener, trading ideas and access to the community
  • Information about strategies in the options and stocks trading courses.
  • Subscribers get a free online trading course Bootcamp
  • Integration of news from The Fly On The Wall for free


  • Not entirely focused on options trading
  • No extensive resource archive available


  • 20% off for monthly Blackboxstocks subscription (automatically applied at the checkout)
  • 20% off for annual Blackboxstocks subscription

4. Optionsgeek

Among the options traders, Felix Frey is probably one of the most experienced. He received his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked for seven years as an executive director for equity derivatives for Bank of America and other enterprises. Felix Frey has been trading options on Wall Street for over 20 years. In 2018, he started his own trading service, Optionsgeek.

Felix presented his own course in New York on March 11th, 2019 at the Moneyshow TradersEXPO. He regularly beats the average market performance, which is well documented. His own market performance has gains of 3 and even 4 digits.

His way of trading is pretty simple and easy to understand. He turns complicated greek formulas into a simple and unique approach to trading. The membership is free and includes access to several resources.

  • Starting Block
  • Options Challenge! Are you a Beginner?
  • The 7 Must-Know Concepts Before Learning Options
  • Bonus-Step #1: Value
  • Options Myths

The information Felix offers is very easy to understand. Felix Frey’s participation at the Benzinga Options Trading Bootcamp in April 2020, where he was a presenter, confirms his value as a trustworthy trader.

If you want to get more background information and insights, please read the OptionsGeek Review.


  • Concentration on education for options trading
  • Instructor with experience and excellent knowledge of options
  • Fantastic track record since day 1
  • Free resources in big parts
  • Access to new options chain tool for subscribers
  • Winning option picks subscription option (for 2-4 trading picks per week)
  • Individual coaching with Felix available
  • Trading options with low-risk strategies


  • No screen share

5. Weekly Windfalls

I was hesitant to add Weekly Windfalls to my top 5 list of the best options trading courses. At the last moment, I decided to do so. The reason why is that Jason Bond has probably been one of the most controversial and the most discussed trading coach for over a decade. He is known for the service, Jason Bond Picks, where he mostly trades with penny-stocks and small-caps. He is very successful and he has been donating his profits to different charities.

Jason launched his new service, Weekly Windfalls, in 2019 and promoted it with The People’s Shark, Daymond John. Since its inception, his performance has been quite diverse. In the beginning, he made incredible profits but they were followed by huge losses during the shakeout lockdown in March and April of 2020. However, his profits have stayed on the positive end of the spectrum from the get-go. With the markets getting less volatile, his portfolio continues to grow.

Jason sends out an email to subscribers with pre-market information and a summary of his positions and plans for the coming day. He also shares his screen with the subscribers, being very transparent also about his portfolio performance in more difficult times. This was the main reason why I included Jason Bond and Weekly Windfalls to my top 5 list.

Any good and trustworthy trader will admit there are ups and downs in trading. It might be the best way to learn trading. Subscribers and beginners have to go through these experiences in order to become better traders. Trading is not as easy as some programs might advertise. Losing is also part of the game and the traders who are able to apply the proper risk management will succeed.

Transparency is very important for a good service and the more transparent a course is, the better it is for the subscriber. The 5 courses I have mentioned all share this attribute in their own special way. Some programs offer screen sharing, others send out detailed emails about their trading days. Other programs explain options trading in a very detailed course.


  • Options trading based on high liquid stocks, such as Amazon or Netflix
  • Educational videos available in archive
  • Live trading sessions
  • Screen shares of portfolio with subscribers


  • Strategy more complex and risky when done wrong


  • 67% discount on Weekly Windfalls


If you choose the right course, you will find options trading easier than you thought you would. Education is a fundamental part of personal development, self confidence and experience. Last but not least, a good financial education will also have a positive impact on your account.

When choosing a course, make sure not to spend a crazy amount of money. A good education should have good quality, but it should also be affordable at the same time. If you see a trading course that advertises a profit of $100,000 with a no risk-guarantee, you should be very hesitant.

Don’t believe people who claim to have never lost any money. Investing and trading go hand in hand with taking risks to gain overproportional capital. Therefore, decide for yourself the level of transparency you would like to have, whether it is live trading or messages and alerts with time-stamps.

When you have finally decided on the course you like the best, be sure to make use of all the educational material provided. Don’t start trading without looking at the pertinent information. I have spoken to many coaches and they have all told me the same story. Many subscribers start trading immediately with real money, without learning how to do it. Imagine a surgeon starting to operate without the proper education. If you want to become a good trader, study the material first.

Options are also one of the best ways to invest in gold.

So, find a good teacher, understand his market perspectives, start practicing what you have learned on paper first and when you start to make progress then you can start growing your account.

What I like about Optionsgeek, Weekly Windfalls and Black Box Stocks is that all of their educators are extremely open and informative. They provide great services with in-depth knowledge based on their experiences. Moreover, they tell you about the pitfalls of trading and the reality of life as a trader.

Best Options Trading Course Questions and Answers

  1. How can I become a good options trader?
  2. What is the best strategy?
  3. How long does it take to become a good trader?
  4. Can I get rich with options trading?
  5. Which course for options trading is the best?

How can I become a good options trader?

If you want to be a good trader, you should start with a good education. This could either be on YouTube with free videos or a paid course offered by successful providers who can show a legit record.

What is the best strategy?

The best strategy for options trading is to keep the overall lowest possible risk by buying calls and puts. Naked sales of holds and puts is the opposite and in fact a very risky strategy.

How long does it take to become a good trader?

If you are a very beginner, then you will probably need between 3 and 6 months. Firstly, you really need to understand the theory. Then, you can start practising how to place orders. And finally, you can start trading real options.

Can I get rich with options trading?

If you apply all the risk management rules correctly, you can definitely get rich. Options trading provides a leverage with low capital and high income.

Which course for options trading is the best?

The best course is the one that provides learning material that is easy to understand, a teacher who has proven success in the past, and course fees with short subscription periods at low costs.