Best Stock Chat Rooms

The best stock chat rooms enable new traders to learn more efficiently, achieve meaningful results faster and are there for subscribers if help is needed.

Not every stock chat room is similar. All have their specific strengths and weaknesses. This article about the best stock chat rooms provides a broad overview of the top places to interact with other traders with pros and cons and all your questions answered.

1. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a day trading community focusing on identifying high-potential short-term investments throughout the day using the A.I- powered Trade Ideas scanner.

The free Trade Ideas chat room is a great starting point for trading beginners and people interested in learning more about the Trade Ideas platform. Barrie Einarson, the moderator of the chat room, is there for the community each day. He streames his Trade Ideas scanner results and comments on the latest stock market developments.

Trade Ideas is that powerful that even other day trading communities use it to scan for new trading ideas. It is free to use and worth it to join.

2. Benzinga

Benzinga is a major financial news website with millions of visitors every month. Some time ago, they came up with their own proprietary web-based software called Benzinga Pro. Benzinga Pro is a stock screener, options scanner, and news feed. Two more features let them stand out. The squawk functionality streames the latest news via voice. The chat room with the pre-market show is a go-to place for beginners.

The Benzinga chat room can be used for free to read and listen to other community members. The pro-version can be used to interact on your own, to use the scanner, news-feed and charts.

Benzinga offers free access to the chat room.

3. Black Box Stocks

If you read Black Box Stocks for the first time, you may not expect a day trading community behind it. But exactly this is what BBS is – a fast growing community of active day traders. The majority of traders in the chat focuses on options trading and they use the in-house unusual options activity scans along with some other propritary options screeners. But also stock traders find valuable insights using Black Box Stocks. The monthly subscriptions start at $79.

The monthly fee includes access to the stock chat room on discord and on their website, access to the weekly educational webinars and all tools.

4. Bear Bull Traders

The Bear Bull Traders community is relatively new if you compare it to others in this list. Andrew Aziz is the founder of, and besides running the Bear Bull Traders business, Andrew writes new books about trading. Some of his books have thousands of 5-star ratings and cost only a few dollars.

The Bear Bull Traders Community focuses on trading high-volume mid-cap stocks. The analysis process begins each day around 8:30 a.m. with the morning show, while live trading starts at 9:30 a.m. EST at market open. Andrew is in the chat room from about 9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., and he shares his trading screen with subscribers. Once Andrew is done for the day, other moderators take the mike and help traders. The Bear Bull Traders chat room is there to interact with others, to ask questions and leave comments. The monthly subscription starts at $79 for the Basic package and access to the chat room.

5. Warrior Trading

The day trading community around Ross Camaron was previously known as Day Trade Warrior. While Ross’ YouTube channel is still available via, Warrior Trading is the brand name for a couple of years now.

Ross Cameron has specialized in trading low-float stocks under $10. His education packages start at ~$1,000 per year and go up to a few thousand with Warrior Pro. Those subscriptions include access to the Warrior Trading chat room. Some don’t know it, but a separate chat room subscription is available to follow Ross every day by watching his live stream and listening to his market comments. But this subscription type only opens a couple of times per year.

6. Techbud Solutions

Techbud Solutions grew via YouTube to one of the biggest trader communities with thousands of young traders. Their channel currently has 959,000 subscribers and 2,100 videos. Ricky streams his market comments via YouTube and also offers a beginner day trading course and a new apparel line. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel to see if his trading style fits your needs.

7. HaiKhuu

Haikhuu Trading says that their trader network includes over 150,000 individuals worldwide, generating over 15,000,000 interactions per year. Allen Tran founded HaiKhuu LLC in January 2018 and uses Discord technology to interact. The website is short of information, but the basic membership is free, while 24/7 access to the discord channel and daily voice conference calls requires a subscription for $89 per month.

HaiKhuu also operates a YouTube channel, and based on those videos; options trading is the clear focus of this service.

8. Stocktwits

The social media platform Stocktwits is made for sharing ideas. Investors and traders of all levels use Stocktwits to express their opinion about certain stocks. The chat room comes with real-time components for streaming news, market data and Stocktwits. A while ago, in September 2019, Stocktwits announced that over 200,000 messages are shared within the community. As a result, they started to implement advanced search functionality. Stocktwits Plus members had full access to the advanced search, the dark mode and enjoy ads-free community chats for $7.99/m. Meanwhile, the subscription model changed, and now business and finance experts can start with their own so-called Premium Room on Stocktwits. The prices per month vary from $4.99 to $59.99, while Stocktwits as an app is still for free for everyone.

Best Stock Chat Rooms: Wrap Up

In early summer 2020, day trading chat rooms became exceptionally popular. More investors than ever had the intention to make money fast trading. At the beginning of 2021, the boom continued with the GME, AMC, BBBY fancy.

Stock chat rooms are a great starting point for beginners to get a better understanding of the financial markets and to come up with trade ideas by listening to other traders. Free chat rooms tend to be full of ads and distracting information. Luckily, many paid stock chat rooms provide free trials or at least low-cost trials where new users can test all functionalities and features before making the final decision.


What are the best stock chat rooms?

The best stock chat rooms point out clearly that trading and investing involves risk. Excellent educational content makes the offer of a highly trustworthy chat room complete.

Are chat rooms still a thing?

Yes. Stock trading chat rooms are more popular than ever before. With more and more people working from home, active trading is now more attractive than ever before.

What is the best chat room online?

The best chat room online is Trade Ideas. Trade Ideas is free to use, it includes market comments all day long, and the market screener is streamed throughout the day.

Why are chat rooms dangerous?

The biggest danger from stock chat rooms comes from their distraction. Beginners often oversee that focusing on the core concept is important to success. Following the leaders and moderators is often the best way to get started, while following newbies should be avoided.

Should I join free penny stock chat rooms?

Free penny stock chat rooms are often used for frontrunning and should be strictly avoided. Large-cap stocks are less risky, and companies successfully releasing trade signals for large-cap stocks can be considered more reliable and trustworthy.