Black Box Stocks Review

Black Box Stock is a website that provides stock screeners, trade alerts and insights to different stocks. The goal of this Black Box Stocks review is to help investors make better investment decisions. This article will focus on the pricing options, a news feed, market scanner, watch list and member chatroom to give you an overview of what each feature offers.

If you want to be on top of the latest changes in the stock market, you’ll want to sign up for Black Box. Black Box Stocks is a comprehensive trading station that combines algorithmic scanning with other industry-leading features to offer traders worldwide all the tools they need. Read more about this incredible platform now.

About Black Box Stocks

Black Box Stocks is a multi-faceted investment platform with many features and booming social media appearance. The convenience of this service is highlighted by how it displays everything on a single screen and automatically monitors 13,000 U.S. stocks for you. One of the best aspects of the market scanner is that it doesn’t require constant attention like other trading applications so that you can feel confident about your trades. Users can trade pre and post-market and every minute of the trading day from a social media scanner using HFT strategies. The simplicity and convenience of this product stand out in the market.

Read our BlackBoxStocks review so you can determine if this trading platform will work for your needs.

Black Box Stocks Pricing Options

Black Box Stocks has a single membership plan that provides full access to the service for $99.97 per month (20% Off when prepaid over 12 months), including data fees and The Fly-on-the-Wall newsfeed.

Black box stocks provide a monthly fee. On occasion, the company offers a trial package for 7 days that allows access to all features. But this trial only appears a couple of times per year.

Features Breakdown for Black Box Stocks

Let’s take a closer look at BlackBoxStocks, the trading tool for finding and executing trades. The stock market scanner helps you find the best stocks to trade given your goals while also helping you discover which direction those stocks are moving in. A sophisticated options scanner aids you in searching for all potential outcomes of an option position so that your


Well-designed charts are available for every stock that gets alerted so that users can quickly view the reasoning for the latest alerts. Users can add studies and opt between candlestick, line or bar charts. The charts reference where the underlying stock was trading at the time of the initial alert so that users can follow along. Overall, the charts are easy to read and manage.

News Feed

Fly-on-the-Wall is a real-time news feed that is user-specific and provides traders an opportunity to save money by not purchasing separate news feeds.

Users have the option of streaming Fly-on-the Wall, which offers one day’s worth of a trader’s selected symbol updates built into the platform. It also has room for up to 50 news stories, can be streamed or downloaded and can be read in a browser.

Pre-Post-Market Scanner

The pre-market scanner notifies traders of how a stock is trading at the opening bell if they are watching or have added it to their watchlist. The same applies for stocks that close after hours, and notifications will be sent out when those trades take place, as well as an update on volume and price.


The Black Box Stocks alerts system sends out notifications on stocks that are changing in price. The alerts system can be set for a specific time or timeframe, and if the stock is below to above whatever buy/sell threshold they have chosen, then an alert will go off. In addition, users can also decide what kind of change triggers an alert.

The preprogrammed algorithms search for stocks and options that see heavy activity, so you’ll always be near the action.

Watch Lists

For example, Black Box Stocks watch lists are the Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and S&P 500. Users can also choose to see stocks that have a buy or sell trend and change vs previous close of more or less of 25%. In addition, once they are searching for their watch list (or individual stocks), users then select the timeframe in which to show activity, intraday, daily, weekly or monthly.

The only downside of Blackbox is that it does not allow for creating and saving personal watchlists right now. But this is okay for most users.

Options Trading

Investing in stocks is a great way to make money, even if you trade occasionally. One drawback of investing in stocks is that the price can change so quickly, and it is hard for those who only invest now and then manage stock volatility. If you are experienced at trading options, Black Box has some of the best tools for this type of investment.

The options trading tools in our BlackBoxStocks review stood out to us, especially since this feature is included in the monthly price. You can tell that options aren’t an afterthought for the BlackBoxStocks platform since it has unique tools like options alerts, tracks option flows.

BlackBoxStocks solves the persisting issues of trading options by providing powerful tools in a suitable insurance platform for all types of traders at a single price.

Members Chatroom

There are usually 300 or more members in the chatroom interacting with each other during the day. This chatroom is not as active as a standalone service like Warrior Trading and doesn’t have the same range of features. 

The site’s chatroom also has audio capability enabling members to listen to speakers in the #bbs_chat room and freeing up valuable screen space. You can also hear a robot talking about the latest stock market news.

Compatible Brokers

Blockboxstocks recommends E-Trade and TradeStation. In addition, Blackbox members can get special rates. 

I like that BlackBoxStocks already offers many of the tools a trader would expect. However, features such as APIs for more popular brokerage accounts are missing.

Platform Differentiators

The way platforms are these days, with all the added complexity, is challanging. All this “customizability” ends up jamming screen space, and they end up being less effective. The simple design that saves screen real estate to be more diverse can’t be denied: everything you need is on one page with tabs. The Black Box Stocks platform is easy to use and has tons of great features. Its interface is intuitive, and the trading tools are robust.

Is Black Box Stocks a Good Value?

This service provides an excellent value, especially considering it includes real-time exchange data fees as well as the Fly-on-the-Wall news feed. This service provides everything you need to stay in contact with the market around the clock like a professional would. The value of this tool and learning platform cannot be understated for traders.

Although the Black Box Stocks software may be pricey at $99.97 per month, it is worth trying for those who are actively engaged in the market, especially for those who starting out. The tool will replace some of the expenses traders may already have by providing a great tool.

What Type of Trader is Best For

There’s a lot to love about this trading platform, allowing users to view their data on one page with ease. It also provides the tools for in-depth analysis and accommodates even new traders who are just start day trading.

Black Box is a free stocks trading platform with enough features to satisfy anyone’s needs. The chatroom here is an excellent place for newbies to learn from experienced traders, and the pricing options make it ideal for those who don’t want the hassle of creating or configuring scans.


  • The on-screen display is small, with the features conveniently laid out
  • Algorithms, often known as black-box techniques, are a type of high-frequency trading integrated into the algos.
  • This site is available all day long, without interruption.
  • Text and Audio chatroom is a great way to get input from top traders
  • A fantastic value that includes exchange data fees and Fly-on-the-Wall newsfeed
  • The platform is designed to get you in and out as quickly as possible, with a streamlined interface that makes it easy for beginners.
  • Streaming trade alerts


  • Traders still need a strategy to trade the trade alerts.