City Traders Imperium Review – What You Should Know Before You Start Using It

City Traders Imperium is one of the many options you have in terms of trading. It is one of the leaders of funded account services and live trading rooms all over the world. Individuals who have the goal of becoming amazing traders have the chance to train through it and make their dreams come true.

But if you’re new to trading or you’ve never used this platform before, it may be nothing but another name on the long list of trading companies out there. You don’t know enough about it to trust it with your time and money – therefore, you’re not sure if signing up is the right thing to do.

Well, this City Traders Imperium review is here to help you discover what the platform has to offer. Thus, you can decide for yourself if it’s something you want to use. Let’s get started!


City Traders Imperium is a company that offers people mentoring, copy trading, managed trading accounts, and funded trader accounts. They claim to have 27 years of experience in professional trading. They also helped fund hundreds of traders all over the world. It’s hard to tell whether this is true or not since there is no way to track everyone who’s ever tried this firm’s services.

The CEOs and professional traders of the firm are listed to be Martin Najat and Daniel Martin. On top of that, Daniel Martin also mentioned the fact that he allegedly has 20 years of experience with professional trading. Whether this is true or not is hard to verify, because there is no evidence shared by him to back up the statement.

Another thing shared on the site is that Daniel Martin spent a lot of time improving his skills and gaining as much experience as possible in this area. Allegedly, he managed one of the best prop firms in Switzerland back in 2015 too. Once he was successful in this area, he supposedly started working on his trading skills, and his mission became to create a profitable trader army. According to the CEOs, the company was created through discipline and honesty.

When someone wants to start trading with City Traders Imperium, they will first receive some education on trading matters and whatnot. There are Forex trading courses meant to help people learn more about trading and how to develop successful strategies to increase the probability of profitable trades.

Also, the trading is said to take about 2-3 hours every week, and it will take a total of 16 weeks to complete the program. Once this period is over, the platform will supposedly keep supporting people who went through the training. Traders can then apply for a funded account, but in order to obtain one, they will have to go through an evaluation process, one that allows them to prove their skills. If you are able to be a profitable trader and you reach the profit target quality, you can obtain a funded account. Apparently, the company assumes the risks despite bringing all the capital, and the profit split is 50%.


Now that we introduced City Traders Imperium, it’s time to see what features it has to offer. The platform is pretty amazing for anyone who wants to improve their trading skills. So, it comes with different features that can help you out. Below you can read more about the City Traders Imperium features:


When you first join the City Traders Imperium website, you can choose between 3 different plans. They are available when you apply for a funded trading account. If you sign up for a funded account, you can qualify for up to $20,000 for your plan.

One of these plans is the $70,000 Forex Funded Trader. The profit split is 50/50 and you will have a maximum exposure of 0.85 lots and a maximum drawdown of 4%. Moreover, your target is 7%. After evaluation, you will have a 2x growth every 10%. The one-off fee is £550.

The $50,000 Forex Funded Account comes with a 50/50 profit split too, and the evaluation account size is $12,500. The maximum drawdown is 4% and the maximum exposure is 0.60 lots. You have a one-off fee of £400 and there is a 2x growth every 10% after the evaluation.

Lastly, you have the $20,000 Forex Funded Account, which has an evaluation account size of $5,000. The profit split is 50/50 and the one-off fee is £200. There is also a maximum exposure of 0.25 lots and a maximum drawdown of 4%. Once again, there will be a 2x growth every 10% after evaluation.

Mentoring Program

In order to improve your skills and become a better trader, you can go through a mentoring program on City Traders Imperium. It takes 12 months and you will complete it online. During the mentoring period, you will be able to learn trading psychology, but also how to manage risk and how to come up with a good trading strategy.

Even better, there is also a CTI Inner-circle program, which you can become a part of. By doing so, you can be even more successful. The sales page mentions that it is the fastest way to become one of the top 10 traders of the company.

Trading Service

According to the team, they are the first in terms of copy trading services in the UK. Besides Standard accounts, they also offer VIP ones. To sign up, you have to pay a £99 subscription fee every month and agree with the 40-50% profit share.


While the partner brokers are not mentioned, it is suggested that the MT4 software is the one provided to people who become members of the platform. As such, you can download the software and use it for your activities. From your MT4 account, you can directly control trades and do whatever you want.

Trading Results

Although it’s hard to verify some of their claims, they did provide their page, which allowed us to see their trading results. Apparently, there are monthly returns for the trading account of the team of just 1.80%, and a drawdown of 6.22%.

While there is a 9.34% overall gain, the absolute gain turns out to be 5.36%. More often than not, this is an indicator that the company is not getting profits from trading, but rather that they are crediting the trading account. Using this, it’s easy to make people think that the trader is more profitable than it actually is.

Furthermore, while City Traders Imperium says that it is active in the trading world, the trading on the account we saw on stopped on January 22 last year. So, this makes them hard to trust when it comes to other claims.


City Traders Imperium could be a good choice for anyone who wants to learn more about trading and improve their skills. Still, there are many things that don’t match, and the team makes a lot of claims that are hard to believe. Because of that, it’s unsure whether the experience will be a positive one or a negative one when it comes to trading. If you want to trade with them, you must do your research to be sure you are making the right decision.