When you are looking for a low-cost stock picking service, you will probably find Fast 5 Trades. This service, operated by Kyle Dennis at Raging Bull, provides subscribers with trade alerts every Monday morning for a cost of $97/year. Compared to the potential profits that can be made, the price for the service is very low. Is it worth the money though? In this Fast 5 Trades Review, part of the Raging Bull trading reviews series, you will find it out.

About Fast 5 Trades

Kyle Dennis, the man behind Fast 5 Trades at RagingBull, is a millionaire trader who won the Millionaire Roadmap a few years ago. Now he operates within Raging Bull, which also provides the services: Dollar Ace, the Sniper Report, FDA insider report and part of the Kyle Dennis review.

Unlike some other services with Kyle Dennis, this one is all about trading small-cap stocks on the stock market.Subscribers receive alerts via email and text message every Monday morning.

In this review, I put together all the important information you need to know and I will give you detailed insight of the specific features.

Kyle started this service only a few months ago and the feedback has been very positive so far.

Fast 5 Trades Costs

The fact that Fast 5 Trades is very inexpensive already has a big advantage. The service is indeed one of the cheapest programs with an outstanding performance. When buying a stock trading service that only costs $97/year, you want to make sure that it is worth it and not another a scam.

Kyle Dennis Fast 5 Trades Discount

Before getting started with the features, I’ll show you a little hack that will help you sign up for Fast 5 Trades for only $97/year. Usually the service is much more expensive, but by clicking on the link below, you will be able to get it for this amazing price. Simply click on the link and you’ll be automatically connected to the discount.

This is how the order form with the streetsmartreport discount looks like:

Service Preview

In this review you will learn about all the features and you will get to know the entire structure of the service. Moreover, you will get insights of some recent trades. I will show you what the dashboard of RangingBull looks like and what you can expect when signing up for the service.

In the introduction video you will get some more information about what to expect as a subscriber. As a subscriber of Fast 5 Trades, Kyle also gives you access to three of his books.

  • The Seven Deadly Trading Sins
  • The Middle-Class Millionaire
  • The $2.9 Million Biotech Playbook

Weekly Updates

As a subscriber of F5T highest conviction trades you will notice one major difference. Most trading services don’t give you access to view past trade alerts. But here, you will have access to all the past trade alerts dating back to the very first one from November, 2019. You can see the post with all the information, such as the entry conditions, the target price and the stop loss level. You can also see Kyle’s comment on the current price spike.

I suggest you spend at least a day analyzing trades made in the past. That way you can see if there was an irrational price spike in any of the recommendations. You never know, maybe the prices went beyond their target. It is always the best to analyze the stock prices, trades, the buy, stop and the profit zone.

It will be very helpful for you to use an intraday chart to check the entries that would have been possible with a certain share size. Also, the chart will help you to understand what strategy is best for you when making these types of trades.

From what I could notice, the catalyst event for the Fast 5 Trades alerts was researched a lot. Also, the trading patterns showed positive results in the past. This underlines the success of Kyle’s trading strategies. However, this should not be considered a guarantee for future results.

Let’s look at some examples of some charts, stock alerts and theories, which hyped Kyle’s account.

DMPI – DelMar Pharmaceuticals

The buy zone was set between $0.65 and $0.75, while the profit zone was set around $0.85 and higher. $0.50 was the stop zone.

Let’s compare this chart from November with a newer one. Here we can see the price went up to $1.25 just a couple of weeks later on November 25th, 2019.

There was a maximum potential of around 100%, but Kyle sent out the profit zone to subscribers, which was hit earlier. You’ll notice a clean chart movement of the daily candlesticks. In fact, DMPI closed the gap from August 2019 with a move in November. As you can see, there were different opportunities to make good money.

  1. Kyle’s original trade from entry zone to target zone.
  2. Interesting observation: 2nd leg with an equal low led to a higher high and gap close

NOK – Nokia Corp

This time for Nokia Corp (NOK). Here the idea was to use the January effect for the trade. When stocks are very low in a year, people tend to use the losses for tax reasons then jump on the train again in the following year. In this case, his strategy worked very well and even better than expected.

The buy zone for this trade was $3.70, the profit zone was set for $3.90 and higher. Nokia was set at $4.24 at the top in January 2020.


People might think this low cost stock picking service is too cheap to be of any value, especially considering the costs of ~$1.90 per week. While researching and writing this review, I noticed the alerts sent out on Monday mornings had been very good. I will continue to receive the trade alerts and keep you informed along the way.

I think the most important aspect when it comes to trading is that people have to decide what trading style they want to follow when they sign up for a service. Once the trade is opened, Kyle doesn’t rely on chart information. However, there are some very nice chart patterns that I found, which could be used on a daily basis. They can give you an even better risk-reward ratio. Some of the intraday movements also look very promising.

5 Minute Work Week

When I opened the tab on my dashboard I was very surprised to find nearly 68 webinar recordings. For this reason alone, I think the subscription is already worth it. In these videos, Kyle talks about trading patterns, charting and trading strategies. The most important fundamentals and SEC filings are also explained in the videos.

The main video categories are:

  • Swing trading and catalysts
  • Day trading
  • Option Trading
  • Trading Platform
  • Trading Psychology

I highly recommend you study the recent Fast 5 Trades and if you can find the time, also watch the videos. You’ll see that they are a very nice addition.

Training Guides

Kyle’s three books are accessible under the trading guides navigation item.

  • The Seven Deadly Trading Sins
  • The Middle Class Millionaire
  • The 2.9 Million Dollar Biotech Playbook

Fast 5 Trades Review Summary

The Fast 5 Trade review confirms, that Fast Five Trading is worth the price. The idea of receiving one very specific trade alert every Monday morning is incredibly nice. Instead of having one list with many different options to choose from, you get one clear advice. This can help you a lot in the stock market, where there are thousands of potential stocks available. Since the inception of the service, F5T has had very good results so far. We will see if the results from just one trade every Monday morning will continue to be as great as they are at the moment.

As I mentioned earlier, I think the best way to start is by analyzing the past trades step by step. I recommend you take screenshots of different time frames, then export and analyze the data. In my opinion, it is not possible to copy every single trade as the market can move very quickly, especially when there are more people reacting to the trade alert. If you want to copy the trades, you should act very fast. The new Raging Bull App is probably the quickest way, followed by the alerts via email.

Considering the low price of $97, this is an excellent opportunity to start making your first trades on paper. You don’t need to start real trading on day one. First, can sign up for the program with the discounted price, then check your highest conviction trade alerts via app, and email.

Take screenshots of various intraday time-frames. Take your time and start your first trades on paper. Don’t feel obliged to begin as soon as you receive the alerts. Stay on paper for a while and try to get the most out of the service, then start with the real trading.