OneUp Trader Review – Is This the Right Platform for You?

Are you looking for a platform where you can get a funded trading account? Well, you have many options, and one of them is OneUp Trader. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon it during your Google searches, and you are now wondering if this is the right platform to use.

There are many concerns to have when finding a trading platform. You have questions about the prices, whether it’s worth paying for the accounts, whether the customer service is good, and whether you actually have chances to get a funded account.

If you want to know all these details regarding OneUp Trader, then they will be revealed to you in this OneUp Trader review.


OneUp Trader is a trading platform and a funded account provider. It gives people access to capital without risks. If you are good at trading, then you have the chance to obtain a funded trading account.

To get a funded account on this site, you have to go through a certain process, more specifically a stage during which you are evaluated. If you pass, you will be able to keep your funded account. On top of that, it helps traders grow through their platform, allowing them to improve their decision-making skills and independent thinking.

If you are a trader with a good strategy that will make you a winner, then OneUp Trader can be a great option. It’s a good platform due to the fact that it doesn’t force its traders to work towards huge, unrealistic goals. Instead, it allows people to work towards more attainable levels of success.


OneUp Trader is amazing for people who are good at trading, but also for those who are confident in their skills and know that their trades have great potential. But before ever considering it, you have to know what it can offer you. OneUp Trader comes with different features that make it unique, features that might be of interest to you. Here is what this platform offers for all traders who decide to use it:

Layout and Features

Have you ever used eToro? Well, the dashboard you will have on OneUp Trader is similar to that of eToro’s. It looks like a social trading platform instead. When you are on the homepage, you will be able to see a lot of comments that other traders posted, as well as screenshots. You can even post your own pictures and comments and even set a location for the account.

If you’re not that profitable in trading, you should be careful with the social feature as it might keep you on OneUp Trader way more, even while you’re trying to have your account reset and evaluated.

But there is also an analytics section where you can see the progress of your funded account or your evaluation. There are different stats that show you where you are at a certain moment. As for the actual trading, this will take place on the Ninja Trader interface. It’s not as customized as the standard platform is, though.

Funded Accounts

At one point, if you keep trading and go through all the necessary steps, you can obtain a funded trading account. Funded accounts will have the same rules as normal ones. The difference will be the fact that you will be required to pay for the trading platform, and you will have the chance to pick between 20 different platforms for analysis and trading. You’ll pay for Rithmic trading data as well. You will not have to necessarily pay attention to this all the time because the money will be automatically taken from your earnings.

You may end up losing the funded account if you go against any of the rules of the platform. There are also limits you should keep in mind for withdrawals. You cannot withdraw more than a specific amount. Without meeting the minimums prior to losing the account, you will not be qualified to get any amount you won through your trades.


In order to obtain a funded trading account on OneUp Trader, you’ll have to go through an evaluation. This evaluation takes 15 days. You can use the Ninja Trader platform for free during the evaluation period. At the same time, you will not be allowed to use any of the other platforms throughout this period.

There will be a certain profit target for the 15-day period that the account size will determine. OneUp Trader is very direct when it comes to its requirements, so that makes things easier for you. Apart from the profit target, you will also be told your trailing drawdown and loss limit for the day. During the evaluation, you will only be able to trade a limited amount of currency futures, commodity futures, and E-mini features. You will not be allowed to trade too many products.

It’s also important to bring up the fact that you will need to be consistent with trades during the trial because all positions will have to be closed at 3:15 PM Central time.


Prices will be different based on the plan you sign up for on OneUp Trader. The size of your account will play a role in this, especially if there is a specific one you want to get after your evaluation success. All the accounts on the platform are different when it comes to the maximum daily loss, maximum drawdown, daily profit target, and how many contracts you will be allowed to have at once.

The price will also be influenced by whether you intend to keep 50% or 80% of the profits from your trades. With 50% profit share accounts, you will be able to keep the entire first $5,000, whereas with 80% profit share accounts you can keep the entire first $8,000.

How much you pay per month will also differ depending on the account you have. For a $25,000 account with a 50% profit share, you will pay $95 per month. Meanwhile, for a $250,000 account with an 80% profit share, you will have to pay $650 per month. Another option available is a trial account. You’ll get a $100,000 account for a 14-day free trial.

In the event that you break any of the platform’s rules during the evaluation stage, you’ll have to pay $100 to reset your account.

Platform Differences

TopStep Trader is the platform you can compare OneUp Trader to. OneUp Trader has more flexibility when it comes to letting people come with personal strategies, as well as giving fewer rules on the way people can use their own accounts. TopStepTrader also has a higher evaluation period, which can be frustrating. OneUp Trader’s evaluation period is much shorter. But despite this, obtaining and keeping a funded trading account on OneUp Trader is just as difficult.


OneUp Trader can be a good option for traders who want to get better at what they are doing and obtain a funded trading account. With this platform, you will have to be evaluated for a while before you receive a funded trading account, but funded accounts are not guaranteed. Fortunately, there are fewer rules on this platform, and you will have a lot of flexibility.