Trade Ideas Review

Trade-Ideas is an advanced scanning platform that is growing in popularity. The platform features advanced scanning, tool and A.I. support. In this Trade Ideas review, we’re going to weigh the high price of the platform against the array of features offered.

About Trade Ideas

Trade-Ideas offers two options for scanning: “Standard Market Scan” and “Advanced A.I-Based Technical Analysis.” Market Scan is an essential screening tool that will allow users to filter stocks by industry, sector, or trading volume. Advanced Technical Analysis includes more advanced tools like the artificial intelligence based market scans. In addition to these two options, Trade-Ideas offers a “Recommended Stocks” list generated by the platform’s artificial intelligence. Dan Mirkin founded Trade Ideas, and the company has its headquarter near Los Angeles.

Trade Ideas is a powerful intra-day stock screener which includes many preformatted built-in scans that provide myriad opportunities for active intra-day traders. The Trade-Ideas platform is flexible, customizable and configurable, with plenty of add-ons available. For example, an artificial intelligence engine named “Holly AI” analyses trade through millions of simulated scenarios nightly to provide trading suggestions. For those who are new to scanning, Trade-Ideas can initially be intimidating. At first, it might feel like a giant set of data and tools. However, once you get acclimated or choose from one of their pre-set configurations, the program is an essential tool that fits perfectly.

The Trade Ideas stock scanner platform has several features that make it stand out from other scanning tools. The advanced scanning tool offers many different screens, alerts and scans to choose from. In addition, users can customize the layout and functionality with drag-and-drop capabilities. For those interested in artificial intelligence (A.I.), an A.I. on Demand feature analyzes over 100 billion data points every day for securities investment opportunities across multiple markets worldwide.

Traders interest has been evolving with time and is much easier to use from the first step in. Every subscriber has a one-on-one training session with T.I. Test and learn how it works before using it on their own.

The software can be accessed via a browser or as a standalone program on Windows. Moreover, there are lots of video tutorials and materials for beginners to learn on their own.

In this review, we will compare the Trade-Ideas platform against some of its most essential features.

Trade Ideas Pro Features


Trade Ideas Pro provides the ability to view up to 10 or 20 charts with its subscription plans, along with unlimited scans. This is convenient because users can avoid visiting another charting platform while analyzing candidates, saving a lot of time and hassle. Trade-Ideas also allows price alerts for selected charts, which saves more time and simplifies the trading process.

The T.I. platform isn’t a charting software, so a limited number of charts and indicators are expected. Instead, they’re just for how to reference stocks that pop up on scans quickly. Nevertheless, I still watch the most compelling candidates on my trading platform to confirm what it looks like set-up-wise.

The charts are not as powerful as standalone charting platforms like eSignal or the platform used through your broker like TD Ameritrade.

Prebuilt Trade Ideas Scans

If you are paying for a real-time Trade Ideas subscription, you are paying for the best pre-configured stock scanners. Trade-Ideas features both prebuilt scans and customizable scans.

Trade-Ideas is an advanced scanning platform that is growing in popularity. However, the high price might be worth it with the array of features unique to Trade Ideas, including automatic scans and A.I.

Various trading patterns, social media scans, Up/Down Movement leaders and the gap scan are some of my favorite scans of Trade Ideas’ advanced scanning platform.

Newbies can start by doing basic New Day High scans and work their way up to using segmented Fibonacci scans like 50% Pullback from Two-Day High.

Trade Ideas also provides a list of channels that display scanners that fall under a specific theme. For example, there are channels for pre-market trade, after-hours trading, unusual trading volume (number of shares), and more.

The pre-configured scans offer a rich set of day trading opportunities. With a quick review, you can find stocks with high potential for profits most days. However, sometimes the absence of in-depth analysis leads to too many trades during day hours when your time is best spent elsewhere, so be sure to have your trading strategy or at least an understanding of one lined up before relying on Trade Ideas as your only source for trade insight.

Trade Ideas Scanner

Trade Ideas has easy-to-use scan filters and trade parameter configuration windows for experienced traders who need to tweak prebuilt scans or create their scans. In addition, Trade Ideas enable users to build their scans using mini-widget tiles representing strategies or conditions.

I like the customizable scans but also like the prebuilt ones. I still use both FinViz and T.I. for my customized scans. The customizable screenshots remind me of the Strategy Scanner on TradeStation, which is excellent for trade execution, but not as user-friendly as other standalone scan programs outside the brokerage industry.

The Oddsmaker Tool

Trade Ideas is a disrupting scanning platform that is growing in popularity for 20 years. In addition to creating and running your trading strategy scans, Trade Ideas Premium subscribers can backtest their strategies or any prebuilt scan with the Oddsmaker tool.

The Oddsmaker tool lets you make a trading decision while watching the market play out in real-time. Testing your strategy on multiple days and different stocks provides more information about its viability as an investment opportunity.

Trade-Ideas offers various analytic tools, including visual representations that instantly allow users to see probability and dollar values.

Visual charts depicting the equity history are advantageous. The calendar that comes with Trade-Ideas is a helpful tool to see which days trigger trading and don’t meet the threshold. Trading platforms are supported to route orders from Trade Ideas, and trading strategies can be executed automatically. The strategy trade performance is visible within the scanner and also with the holy scanner. The channel bar is not needed for the oddsmaker tool—the trading platform is worth it for day trading and traders across the globe.

Brokerage Plus

Once you’ve tested some trading strategies in the Oddsmaker Tool, you can also automate trade execution using a feature called Brokerage Plus. This innovative Trade Ideas Pro feature allows traders to build scans, define trading strategies, and trade automatically.

Use options to trade stocks, for example. You can set up an advanced scanning strategy based on the current stock breaking above its 52 week-high with a purchase of 500 shares at ask and $1 stop loss. Trade Ideas only works when connected to Interactive Brokers demo and live accounts through their brokerage connector called Brokerage Plus.

One of the most outstanding features is that users can access Trade Ideas’ advanced scanning tools from their mobile devices and on any browser. But, of course, caution should be used as you become more familiar with the software.

Trade Ideas Trading Chat Room

The Trade Ideas chatroom is free to use for registered users and also for none-clients. The live trading room is open on business days from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The live trading room is very insightful as the moderator, Berry, the trading room moderator, shares trading patterns, trade set-ups, and his trade executions throughout the day. There are regularly over 1,000 attendees daily in the chat.

Trade Ideas is an accessible trading room interface with advanced scanning features. It won’t replace more robust premium chat rooms like Black Box Stocks, but it’s still worth installing for the additional functionality and complimentary streaming.

T.I. University

Trade Ideas offers video tutorials for users to study the platform’s features. In addition, self-paced and live seminars are available daily, covering options from beginner to advanced topics.

For more information on Trade-Ideas, customers are invited to enroll in the free training sessions. The topics range from basic scanning of stocks to complex backtesting exercises.

Initiates trades throughout the day based on new technical patterns found by its A.I.s or user’s manual instructions. There are regularly over 500 attendees when webinars take place.

Trade Ideas includes live streaming sessions hosted by professionals as well as online learning tutorials available through T.I. University – all free of charge!

Trade Ideas is a unique educational resource. The advanced scanning tricks and artificial intelligence they provide are enough to maintain an extensive customer base of over 20,000 users in 70 countries.


Trade Ideas features clickable headlines but not a full-streaming feed like on Benzinga Pro. Nevertheless, the news service is worth the cost of severe investors who want to stay on top of critical market news. However, it may not be as accessible or comprehensive as other dedicated news feeds like Benzinga Pro and The Fly feed on Black Box Stocks.

Compatible Brokers

Trade Ideas (T.I.) provides scanning tools and technology that are available on In addition, T.I. also offers a feature called Brokerage Plus, allowing users to have an automated trading strategy within the T.I. platform with an Interactive Brokers account. It works with live-accounts and demo accounts.

Additional Features

Trade-Ideas’s artificial intelligence engine, Holly AI, is a unique feature for scanning products. Though not as powerful as human traders, but it can automate trade positions that have been triggered by any one or combination of over 30 strategies.

Holly runs millions of simulations per night to create buy and sell lists of stocks with select triggers. Users can choose whether to track Holly’s performance or piggyback on her trades at their own risk; the results are astonishing. Moreover, the founder Dan Mirkin ensures that new features are added continuously.

While artificial intelligence is a cool feature, you have to do a lot of manual work before it can be applied in theory. The market scanner is as powerful as a scanner can be, and trade opportunities come across the scanner all day long. Holly Grail, the A.I. engine, is not a must-have but suitable for a new trade ideas generation platform. The channel bar is a good starting point to discover the pre-configured scans. Day traders use the stock scanner to find trade ideas based on their trading strategies definitions.

The trade scanner can also be connected to Interactive Brokers for live trading via Brokerage Plus. Trading signals are routed directly to the broker from the Trade Ideas Pro platform. Stock screeners are a must-have for day trading, and auto trading might be the future. Nonetheless, swing trading is also possible with the trade ideas pro stock scanner and pre-configured stock screeners.

Platform Differentiators

Trade-Ideas is undoubtedly the most sophisticated scanning platform on the market. The Trade Ideas University training content pushes it over the edge as one of the best in its class because subscribers gain well more than their money’s worth with just that educational content alone.

Trade Ideas is an advanced scanner for day traders. With options to scan pre-set or custom scans, you can always find a trading opportunity during the day with Trade Ideas.

The auto trading functionality with Interactive Brokers accounts makes day trading more reliable. The backtest stock screener engine ensures trading strategies that work the best, and a trade idea can be generated in minutes.

Who Is Trade Ideas Best For?

Active investors who trade frequently are well-suited to this platform because it contains many trading opportunities throughout the day. However, such timing is at a premium as traders must quickly validate alerts and act. This can be considered off-putting for newcomers, but they will have a learning curve to adapt. It is worth the effort nonetheless.

Trade Ideas is a terrific platform for active day traders. The scanner can be used in any trading strategy, and it’s one of the best scanners on the market for those types of trades.

Although you can use Trade Ideas for swing trading, it probably wouldn’t justify the monthly subscription. The real-time scans are the selling point and core feature.


Pricing for Trade Ideas starts at $118 per month, with limited features available in their free trial period. The more advanced scan tools are only accessible if you subscribe to the pro-version.

Trade Ideas, an advanced scanning platform in high demand, offers a standalone product that includes access to the T.I. features with real-time streaming quotes, 10 charts at the same time, chart-based visual trade assistance and 10 price alerts for $118.00 per month or $1,068 annual pre-pay option.

Premium plan includes everything from the standard package, plus 20 charts maximum, artificial intelligence-powered day trading execution assistant Holly, entry and exit signals, risk assessment, and build/backtesting functionality. At $228 per month or $2,268 for the annual pre-pay option.

Trade Ideas Review Conclusion

Trade Ideas is an advanced stock screening platform for day traders that offers several features, but you need to purchase the Premium plan for access. This may be worth it for those looking for professional-level trading tools, given Trade Ideas’ popularity and excellent customer service. But if you’re on a low budget or want simple charting, there are better options available at lower prices.

This concludes the Trade Ideas review! I hope this has been beneficial in your decision-making process and in getting insight into what trade ideas can offer. Trade Ideas is the best stock scanning tool for day traders. The Premium package is worth it to those who want to use the A.I. engine. Swing traders may consider the Standard version is sufficient.