The Weekly Money Multiplier review reveals the details about the options trading service operated by Nathan Bear. Nathan is the head trader and I will tell you more about his trading style, and success rate.

About Weekly Money Multiplier

Weekly Money Multiplier is an options trading service owned by Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop. The main moderator is Nathan Bear. Options trading alerts are the core focus of this education and trading signal platform. Nathan Bear is a millionaire trader and one of Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap winners.

He developed his unique trading technique over the past recent years. Before Nathan became successful, he suffered from huge losses. Before Nathan Bear, Jeff Bishop ran this service as the head options trainer, moderator, and trader. Jeff is the co-founder of LLC and operates multiple platforms within the Raging Bull network.

Some bigger brands are Jason Bond Picks and Dollar Ace and both are part of the Raging Bull trading reviews series. Interesting wise, some of the most successful students that Jason Bond found, now run some of their trading services. This makes sense since successful traders are the key to make a trading education service profitable by getting more and more customers.

Only people who prove to make money trading will have success in the long run. And so does Nathan bear who joined WMM in 2018 and now operates the service completely. Hew grew his account from ~40k to ~1.8 million within three years. He was not only successful in the past, but he is still and made more than 1 million of profits in 2019. The amazing thing is that Nathan Bear is completely transparent with is service since he shares his trading screen in real-time with subscribers. A huge plus for credibility and trust.

Trading Style

Nathan Bear is a technical trader, and he developed one system to its perfection. He does repeat and repeat the same approach over and over again and calls it a trend-pattern squeeze. Nathan aims to benefit from huge options premium spikes. Some of his trades are swing trades, some are day-trades, and some are directional bets on the underlying asset. One amazing thing about his approach is that he trades high liquid options and not low float or penny stock-based options. The benefits are that high liquid options have smaller spreads and also less volatility, even when more people buy and sell the same option.


J. Bishop previously utilized mainly his 13/30 trading pattern, where he was using moving averages with a 13 and 30 period. He still trades this type of pattern but does it in another service now. N. Bear instead does focus on those strategies that made him so successful trading during the Millionaire Roadmap. And that’s great because new subscribers only have to lear one specific trading pattern in perfection in a way they prefer. Even following NB in real-time makes subscribers money since it’s possible to copy his trades entirely.


Nathan uses multiple time frames to find his entries and also to time his exits in the weekly money multiplier. The higher the time frame, the longer-term the holding period will be. Trades from the 60-minute time frame and higher are usually swing-trades. Some trades are taken from time frames from as low as from 5-minute time frames to execute day trades.

Options Trading Courses

Here is another fantastic thing about Weekly Money Multiplier. There are multiple hours of training material available within the Raging Bull Dashboard. Just navigate on the left to WMM and chose the education material of your choice. It is a great idea to start with the pattern videos that explain the trend-pattern-squeeze in all detail. Once done, proceed with the trading course parts related to the trading platform (Nathan uses TD Ameritrade), and basic trading knowledge about options trading. That’s the perfect foundation for successful options trading. Finally, the daily recap videos should be on focus. They are essential to understand in detail when and what Nathan trades.

Chat Room

The recorded video lessons are only one aspect of WMM. Nathan streams his portfolio in real-time. All subscribers see his positions with size, entry price, and the current P&L. The chatroom can be used for networking and questions. But there is more if you subscribe to multiple services like Dollar Ace, or Jason Bond Picks.

Who is Weekly Money Multiplier best for?

Most services focus on selling the idea of selling premium for high profits. But they hide – more often than not – that there is an unlimited risk involved in naked option selling. Nathan Bear does the complete opposite in his service. He goes the most conservative way of buying option calls and buying options puts on highly liquid stocks. The risk is limited right from the beginning. Also, Nathan is not shy to take a trade off when it’s break-even or has small losses.

There is a clear set of rules implemented, and the mechanics of the applied strategies are completely clear. Beginners gain access to a well-organized education and options trading service. The learning curve is linear at the beginning but exponential the longer subscribers stay in the service. After about two months, every subscriber should already feel comfortable with the whole trading method and should also be able to trade on his own without WMM.

Sure, it would be insane to jump right into it and trade with real money from day 1. However, after one week and after watching the core education videos, new subscribers should directly start to copy the trades within a simulated or paper trading environment. Options are volatile, and especially weekly options need a special heads up when Friday comes closer.

Also, different from futures trading, options trading falls also under the pattern day trader restriction by the SEC. That means that from one account, no more than three-day trades are allowed within five business days. And that’s again something that makes WMM best for everyone. Nathan executes only a few day trades, and it is easy to trade in the same way as Nathan does even with a $2,000 account. Plus, options trading is commission free with most brokerages since 2019, which makes it cost-efficient.

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Is Weekly Money Multiplier worth it?

The trading education- and real-time trade service is, based on this Weekly Money Multiplier review, a great choice. Anyhow, it would be a good idea to subscribe to the retail price of >$5,000 per year. Instead, using the StreetSmartReport promo code is a great idea to secure saving of up to 79% and more depending on the subscription duration.

One more word of caution again. People who see Nathan making sometimes $40,000 per week often tend to jump right into it. That’s a problem because Nathan sometimes has also weeks where he loses $10,000 a week. Trading is not a one-way street. That’s true for stock trading and even for options trading. New subscribers should protect their investment capital, follow the program, to make the highest possible profit within their portfolio. It is possible to make a lot of money with this best options trading alert service if you do it with patience and step by step.


  • Weekly Money Multiplier is easy to understand
  • Comprehensive education material
  • Real-time trade alerts
  • Screen sharing for trading accounts
  • Transparent and honest


  • Subscribers receive advertising emails to various Raging Bull services.